Simplicity and perfection made in Utah

Sunlit prairies, dry, fragrant grasses and fields of grain. Blue sky, which at dawn shimmers pink and before dusk hides behind a sheepskin of storm clouds. Color palette, which Emily McMaster draws from, is the essence of the landscape of her native Utah. It is a magical place: once inhabited by Apaches, now mostly inhabited by the Mormons, with their respect for traditional values and heritage. mabo-8 mabo-11 mabo-4 Emily draws from the local culture and that is why in her own collections, created under the name Mabo, there is so much hand sewing and wonderful handicrafts. - My mom taught me how to sew and knit really early and encouraged me to make gifts for family members by myself. Well, there were so many of them that it would be impossible to buy something for everyone anyway - says the designer. Emily also adopts from her mother the believe that the ability to self-manufacture objects from natural materials is an exceptional value. These things have their own history and are particularly close to us. mabo-5 mabo-10 mabo-3 Today Emily lives in New York. Her daughters grew up a bit but Emily's need to sew dresses and clothes remained. And so arose Mabo - small clothing brand sewing in short runs and only from natural materials: mostly linen, cotton and wool. mabo-1 mabo-9 mabo-6 Mabo collections are made of high quality classics: cardigans and simple dresses. Among them there are models that surprise with contemporary details and modern design. Summer collection is idyllic and very holiday-like, unobtrusive and discreet. Perhaps Emily was able to achieve this effect because of the philosophy surprising for a fashion designer: it's only clothes for children. Only and not only. The modesty moves us and fits our holiday mood perfectly. mabo-7  

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