Toshiko Horiuchi’s playground

Or how to enchant the world with crochet thread, wood and light.

If you are still wondering whether or not to go to Japan with children, we have a definitive answer for you. Here is a fantastic children's playground ... crochet by Japanese artist Toshiko Horiuchi. Toshiko horiuchi (1) Toshiko horiuchi (2) Toshiko horiuchi (13) These colorful landscapes from crochet thread can be found in the National Park in Sapporo. You can be sure that both you and your children, regardless of age, will not want too quickly leave this place, and the memories of it will last in their memories. Toshiko Horiuchi thought of her playground so that evokes associations from cosmos while referring to traditional materials such as wool and wood. Because the structure is very modern both internally and externally. Toshiko horiuchi (18) Toshiko horiuchi (19) Toshiko horiuchi (20) With twisted together wood outside the inside gets a lot of natural light. The design is conceived so that we have a chance to play in a space that is abstract but very friendly to us. Toshiko horiuchi (21) Toshiko horiuchi (24) Toshiko horiuchi (25) The idea for the playground came up ... by accident. Toshiko had the opportunity to watch kids at one of her exhibitions "playing" (despite the ban) with her crochet thread exhibit. First, full of tension, she was watching her exhibit, but then she discovered that due to spontaneous movement her work comes to life. Fabric changes form and starts to work. This movement and sounds of children have become a complement to the work and thus made the idea for such a fantastic project appear in the Toshiko's head. Read more about the artist and her work on this unique playground here. More photos can be seen here.

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