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What’s going on in the children’s design

Every year in early June we start counting down days to the most important fairs in the world of children's design. Playtime Paris don't stop to develop and raise the bar higher and higher. We know that going there for three days we will have the opportunity to learn about new brands, talk with designers and gather inspirations for the next six months.
On Playtime Paris we will find not only our favourite brands, those we have written about from the very beginning of ladnebebe, but also fresh things that in a moment may pave new directions and change our shopping in the coming season.

Playtime Paris

The very atmosphere of the fairs is something special. Thousands of enthusiasts of good children’s design meet in one place. They smile and discuss or touch intently and take notes.

This year there are four sections at Playtime Paris: design & deco, fashion & accessories for future mothers, children’s fashion and trends. We have checked each of them and have selected brands that in our opinion are worth visiting or which deserve special attention in the coming season. We will show you our selection in four posts. Today, we start with design & deco.

1. Annabel Kern

Time for brunch! Sweet drawings of butter biscuits and bottles of milk on a linen bags conquered Instagram some time ago. The collection is complemented by the wonderful pillows with sewn in music boxes and extra soft muslin blankets. We can’t wait to see what other goodies Annabel has for us.

2. Blossom

French classic. Little bit of paddocks, cool, girlish and delicate colours. Simple inscriptions and slogans. Charming and abstract doudous – it’s something French brands are getting us used to for quite some time. And that’s something that we probably never get bored of.

3. Fabelab

We wrote about Fabelab brand already here. It will be great pleasure to see those products in the flesh. We are a very interested in fabrics and how it is possible to make such phenomenal shapes from a piece of quilt.

IMG_5482_800_2x LITTLEBIRDMOBILE_6T5B2344_1600_c SLEEP-Alisan-mood-1_1600_c

4. Kid Them All

By far the craziest pyjamas in the world! We would love to wear them ourselves. We bet on the super sweet ice cream in a kawaii mood and our children would love to become a true superheroes. It is likely that Kid the mall will be a real sensation of this year’s fairs.

5. Grampa

A little bit similar to numero 74 – very industrially and vintage. However, we are first and foremost charmed by sea creatures and boyish (typically French) colours. Fish garlands and bags with letters also look good. Something new – something fresh.


6. Deuz

We have great respect for the work of the girls from Deuz. They are always able to surprise us with custom solutions. We have their products in our homes for years and it’s hard not to appreciate good quality and that they are still cool and versatile. You just want to have a baby again to give them such a nice rattle or teether. We can’t wait for portable board games with our favourite Deuz graphics.

Selected Deuz toys are available at


7. Cam Cam Copenhagen

Something for the fans of very toned designs. Delicate, quilted quilts are bathed in greys and beiges. All with great feel for muted range of colours. Perfect for baby rooms, for a very fragile world of first months of life.

8. Rock and Pebble

We love it! With each newly created thing – more and more. Cloud house, pear house, smiling pyramid of stones. It all is born in a truly creative mind and then is subjected to a thorough carpentry work. We cheer strongly from the very beginning and would be happy to shake hand of the brands creator at Playtime Paris!

rock-and-pebble-New-cloud-house-home rock-and-pebble-new-TOTO-Toy-Totem-home

9. Nobodinoz

We wrote about Nobodinoz some time ago because it’s hard to miss this brand. Variety of pastel designs that match each other through a consistent colouring. Perfect for all: pouffe, bedding, sleeping bags and more recently clothing. We appreciate the rapid development that becomes panache with which the brand operates. It started with a sling … and now we can be nobodinoz from head to toe!


10633722_10153071041232585_9081793839948322589_o cushion-coussin-cojin-apollo-all-nobodinoz-3

10. La De Dah Kids

And another brand of bedding this time from Australia. However, in its offer one can also find a large selection of crocheted carpets and absolutely sweet cushions. And crocheted My Little Pony is an almost cult object of desire on Instagram. We are very pleased that we will be able to see it in the flesh.



Full list of exhibitors is here.

ladnebebe is pleased to announce that we are a media partner of this year’s edition of Playtime Paris.

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