Mr Pierre paints

using Eric Carle method

eric_carle_portrait_by_cutsiebuttons33-d3h1dfl Eric Carle is a phenomenal illustrator, writer, designer, author of the amazing and original books for children. He earned greatest popularity by "The very hungry caterpillar" known throughout the world, in Poland published by publishing house Tatarak. His trademarks are layered illustrations and characteristic collages that are impossible to confuse with any other. The technique that he uses fascinated us so much that we decided to try it out. To create an illustration in Carle style we need: - poster paints (brushes and cup of water) - few sheets of white paper - scissors - glue Before we get to create a collage, we need to prepare several sheets in different colors. For this purpose, we paint over the whole of a sheet, each with a different color. You do not have to do it precisely, the color does not have to be uniform, on the contrary ... the more "patterns and textures" the more interesting image comes out. We leave painted over sheets to dry. pan-pierre-3   pan_pierre-1 pan-pierre-2 copy 2 Then we cut out shapes from which we arrange the picture later. We glue the shapes to the white paper and can enjoy an illustration a la Eric Carle. Everyone, even the least experienced in handwork toddler, can prepare a true work of art using this technique. pan-pierre-5 We also encourage you to immortalize this moment with a picture and to keep a "scrap" of a painted sheet. All of these enclosed in a frame can become a fantastic souvenir or an interesting gift for a loved one. pan-pierre-4 Ps. Our teddy bear is a reproduction of an illustration by Kate Hindley, who we love for her style! [gallery type="slideshow" ids="10269,10268,10267,10266,10265,10264"]

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