Indian Summer

Lazy warm days

Indian summer must have some specific feminine qualities, as in Polish it is referred to as “babie lato”, “women’s summer”. It is a time of long shadows, sunny afternoons, and short, alluring dusks. We have spent a spontaneous weekend by the seaside, and we are certain of one thing - this year the Indian summer has indeed arrived. The sand was warm, and the water – fabulous.

Last days of full-blown sun taste like plums and crisp apples. Although forests adorned by lilacs in bloom smell of mushrooms, heated meadows are still filled with chirping crickets, as if the summer was here to stay. Together we enjoy the sunbeams that invigorate and empower us in preparation for what the sudden sunsets foretell: approaching autumn with its humidity and chills.

Summer dresses and hats are still at hand, and we continue to wear them these days. Yet this is the time to pull padded wind jackets, furry vests, and fringed mantles out of the closet. Neither cool wind nor early dusk can chase us away from the beach. We will be back next week, plaiting braids and stringing seashells on leather cords. We may bring some more long sleeved garments, but the celebration of Indian summer will go on.










Photos: Martyna Galla-Milewska / Van Dorsen Talents
Style: Maja Naskrętska / womanandmother
Hair and Make-up: Aneta Kostrzewa / I Like Photo Group
Model: Weronika Baran
Clothing and accessories: Louise Misha / Miss Lemonade * Milapinou * H&M Studio

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