Behomm concept

You can not only watch – you can also reside … at least for a while.

Do you like to look into homes of others? If so, what would you say to holidays in someone's home, for example in Amsterdam, in Portugal, or even far beyond the ocean, in the distant Indonesia? And I do not mean camping at your relatives' homes, but living at homes of friends, with whom we share common passions and interests. What am I saying about? A new travel concept - Behomm. behomm-10172723_517730061669370_733346171_n Eva and Agust are a couple of graphic designers and partners from Barcelona, who for twenty years now have been running their own studio called juste calduch. They have recently started a new adventure, with great passion and commitment. They created Behomm - a community which deals with apartments exchange for holidays, but is only available for designers and visual artists. It offers a tempting opportunity to stay in a beautiful house and to meet with people of common interests. Individual invitation to Behomm allows you to see all the houses of members without registering, and then become a member if you want to exchange. Admission by invitation only means that all members are friends of friends, it gives us a sense of security and rules out an anonymous registration. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="13028,13038,13036,13034,13040"] Eva and Agust oversee everything and contact each new member personally. Why only a select group of people? "We want to link beauty lovers all over the world ... maybe we're crazy" - Behomm founders say about themselves. Do you like the idea? I like it very much. Behomm is also a great idea for family holidays. Your children can stay in a completely new children's space and you eliminated a pile of toys from the luggage. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="13037,13031,13026,13033,13034"] Behomm engrosses. Not only huge and stylish mansions on the other side of the world can delight you, but also small and cozy apartments in the heart of Paris or in Brussels, decorated with taste and care of every detail. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="13023,13024,13025,13030,13029,13027,13032"] Behomm is full of individualism and interiors that we usually see only in the newspapers. At times it is difficult to believe that these places are at hand, and that their owners simply invite us to come for holidays. The only question is whether we have the courage to join them? Finally, an interesting interview with Behomm funders. author: Agata / RAFA Kids

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