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Such Great Heights

Grilled meat, fish and vegetables (or beloved "barbie") is being prepared here throughout the year. Gardens and beaches are not seasonal attractions, but are available all the time. Blog_4 It is no wonder that young parents believe modern plastic toys are ludicrous. How do thye relate to their active lifestyle? Ryan and Jo had this observation when their daughters were born. They were looking for multi-dimensional objects, but there were only monofunctional toys available. The only interesting activity they offered boiled down to changing batteries. Rather than inspire creativity, plastic toys dictate the way in which you can use them. Before the birth of girls, Ryan and Jo had been involved in photography, film making and design: they had been designing furniture and artwork. The search for cool toys and decorative items for children was the beginning of finding a new vocation: to create for children, drawing from their own feelings and desires. They opened Such Great Heights when they realized that they constantly invent toys, furniture and clothes for daughters. And so, in 2012, production of tents, capes, and other items that come beautifully into our homes, transform them and bringing the spirit of adventure started.


Such Great Heights Catalogue CMYK 300dpi

Such Great Heights toys encourage the involvement of fantasy, the devising of your own adventures even on a carpet. The first collection is inspired by scouting: scout badges, sleeping in a tent in the woods. You can feel the spirit of the old play at Winnetou, the atmosphere of Australian huge spaces.

They will do a lot of cool confusion in our pastel bedrooms. Their flagship product is an ultra-simple tent on a wooden rack. Replacement flysheets allow you to match a tent to a decor or a mood and the frame can be used as a clothes hanger. The sight of bed rolls set our hearts racing. We want to have them for ourselves also. They have a holiday atmosphere, so we would lay them down not only in the children's playing/reading nook, but also on the balcony.



Clothes, strictly speaking capes, look cool - to wear instead of a sweatshirt and for dressing up at home. The absolute highlight are badges resembling scout's merit badges.

Such Great Heights have announced a new collection, wich is being created together with befriended artists. It promises to be interesting, so we are waiting! [gallery type="rectangular" ids="11100,11096,11095,11102,11097,11098,11099,11101,11103"]

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