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Less than a year ago we were walking with great pleasure around bright spaces of the Playtime New York fairs. For the entire industry, Playtime fairs in Paris, Tokyo or New York are not only an opportunity to take a look at collections prepared by the most interesting children's brands (often two-seasons in advance), but also to go shopping. Designers, shop owners, creators of original boutiques and journalists, bloggers and opinion leaders meet at stands and coffee tables at the fairs. Playtime fairs are venues for presenting collections and for talking about plans for the future and - for merchants - for making deals. Now another space is being created: Playologie. This is something not only for those who are too busy to appear personally at the fairs. playologie-2 Playtime and Playologie were created by siblings associated with the world of fashion and business - Sebastian de Hutten and Marie Czapska. They organized the first Playtime trade fairs in Paris in 2007 and since then they have consistently changed the functioning of the children's fashion market. Facilitating contacts between creators and entrepreneurs was their ultimate goal right from the beginning. Experience gathered has allowed them to begin the next phase of market evolution, namely to establish Playologie. ©Pierrot Marie et Sebastien_1774-2 copy Playologie is a new platform connecting designers with distributors and retailers. It's like a trade fair, but open all year round, 24 hours a day. The website is flexible, constantly up to date and makes the world of fashion beginning to be within reach. The online fashion fairs were created after consultations with designers and merchants from many countries. Since the platform launch in June 2014 it has been collecting extremely enthusiastic reviews: both parties using the Playologie save a lot of time because technical problems related to communication, orders and misunderstandings do not apply to them anymore. No more piles of catalogs and browsing tons of pdfs! Playologie is efficiently organized system that allows the most comfortable contact between brands and merchants. This really is a showroom of the XXI century. PLAYOLOGIE-VIRTUAL-SHOWROOM-KIDS-MATERNITY copy Today around 100 of the most interesting global brands have already registered at Playologie, including Serendipity Paris, Max&Lola, Pom D'Api, Oeuf, Chispum and many more. Every day another brands are joining as for them the participation in the online fashion fair offers new possibilities and is very functional. Besides, the Playologie iPad application was created, which allows you to work in the most comfortable conditions. playologie-imac-ipad copy What awaits buyers is the best selection of interesting, high quality brands from around the world. The basis is Playologie's friendly interface and the ease of finding what you need. Here we can discover the most interesting novelties and we can order exactly what we need. Wholesale orders are as simple as those in an ordinary shop: shopping list can be easily changed and edited in the basket, your favorite brands and products can be saved for later use and the designers can be contacted by e-mail. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="20980,20977"] The mission of the authors of Playologie, is to support developing, original brands. Of course, their projects must speak for themselves - they must stand out with interesting and high quality design. However, it is because of the new platform that they can reach those interested in the children’s and maternity universes on all continents. With those people in mind they prepared a simple and intuitive website that allows a brand to quickly show it's collection on Playologie. We like to travel, meet people and talk to them, so we are not going to stop visiting Playtime fairs. But we are glad that finally there is a place through which works of our favorite Polish designers can reach people across borders and through which sophisticated gems from around the world can get to Polish stores. Below is link to a film that clearly shows the idea behind Playologie.

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