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Oh Happy Day!

All the best!

Carnival is over, another birthday season has begun. We are not going to pass any opportunity to party with the kids. We would like to arrange parties on occasion and without one, to sprinkle ourselves with confetti, pick up an apple from the bowl of water without the use of hands and play in the balloon.

Americans are masters of organizing family parties in the gardens or thematic kinder parties. It starts with a baby shower and then each subsequent birthdays are celebrated reverently, as a christening or a wedding in Poland. They gladly organize a party at home inventing themed parties. Although in our flats we do not have so much space, we are going to once again look up to the US parents and to follow them a little.

Because the idea of the party in a rented play area is very comfortable but has exhausted its formula a little. Children climbing monkey bars play more separately than together and each such party is similar to another and they all merge into one vague memory.

If you want to please Jubilarian,’s set up party at home or in the garden. When you are planning to invite many guests you can rent a room for this purpose in the surrounding kid’s club or community center. It is important that a personal approach to the subject is taken. You can engage partners and grandparents to help; together you come up with a theme, a list of dishes, plays and decorations.

No, it does not have to be difficult or time consuming! Simply choose a topic that relates to the interests or dreams of a child. Ideas will come by themselves or you can find them on Oh Happy Day!

The blog dedicated to parties was founded by Jordan Ferney, a specialist in events planning and in private life mother and party goer. At Oh Happy Day! she shared her ideas, searched for party inspirations from around the world and suggested interesting scenarios and tutorials. In eight years of running Oh Happy Day! it grew to a large platform entirely dedicated to partying as a lifestyle element.

Today, we can find there ideas for any kind of party for children and families, ready to download ideas for birthday invitations (but also for weddings or other occasions), scenarios of plays and instructions on how to make your own unique decorations. We love her ideas for themed parties for children and adults (eg, Oscar night). Jordan not only invents nontrivial little things that make a party exceptional; we can be sure that she thoroughly searches the Internet, picking out the best ideas of other authors and linking to their sites.

Oh Happy Day! is a happy, festive day, when we meet up with loved ones and friends, we are playing carelessly and not counting time. Happy day is an occasion for us or someone else, who you want to surprise by the special party – a child, a husband, maybe also a friend?

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