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MUST HAVES wiosna / lato 2015

Apparently Sex in the City characters stopped wearing tight dresses and high heels. They say NYC and other fashion capitals just let it go. Fashion is passé, as they say, and being normcore is far more exciting right now. Well, it’s a big world out there… Here, locally nothing has changed and we all love must have lists. To be read,  not necessarily carried with you for shopping. And we are even more happy to discover that we know all too well and like half of the list items. Such lists serve as inspiration and invitation to a play. They should open new horizons instead of imposing fashion competition. Like that, huh? So here we go: must haves 2015. The perfect list. kolaz-1-3 1. Ombre, shading. This season ombre encompasses just one colour shade, such is the case in Kids on the Moon (parisian blu) and celebrities hairdos (pink in all shades and emerald green). It brought back our childhood memories of when we used to die our hair with pink crepe paper (well, today we would use hair spray and invite kiddos over). 2. Thick muslin scarfs, Yes, those huge soft baby wraps that we actually tie around our neck. We absolutely love them and thank God winter is over and we can put them back on. Muslin is light, delicate, comfy and mostly ecological. It gets softer with every wash. It comes in the myriad of fab colours mostly from natural pigments. I wear it myself and it passed the test as a towel, blankets and sun shade on summer days. I swear to be wearing it till end of November. You can find it on 3. Sunglasses. There might be mixed opinions about them, but there are times when you just can’t do without them - at the sea, lakes, traveling to deep South where sun is scorching and blinding. Of course, chose good filters and you have the star look guaranteed (check mini rodini this season!). 4. Double-sided clothes. How many kids do you know that don’t love that?  Ours do and so do we. It brings back our memories when, as kids, we used to turn our waistcoats inside out so we could sport the woolen lining. And there is a practical side to it -  you got stains, wait what stains??. And they reveal different facets to the garment, like Kids on the Moon dress - pearl colour on one side and coral on the other. Depends what your mood and wearing occasions is. Du pareil au meme jacket does the same – do you choose toned colours or crazy colour splash? 5. Dungarees. Past meets present. So far, we are into denim ones, but who knows what next season trends will bring - maybe corduroy ones will see the daylight too? It was a must have outfit for kids in the 70ties and today the whole family welcomes it back. It’s no longer associated with workers or maternity clothes. It’s about comfort and being simply cool. Let’s see how it fits today! 6. Cats and kitties. Hello Kitty is a sure thing but hopefully there is much more to that. We see cats with fancy whiskers, tabby cats and stray cats invading our bags, shirts, pillows, shoes and even swimming suits. Aren’t they just sweet and loveable. Hello! 7. Shoes made in Poland. Yes, they rule! No more reasons to browse international web shops as Polish brands, with Emel and Mrugała at the forefront, prioritise quality, great finishing and cool design. 8. Watermelons. They are are literally everywhere, except on our plates. We are waiting for Polish ones as they taste best on hot summer days. Meanwhile, we indulge in watermelon fashion and we are spoilt for choice. Check your mirrors, they are everywhere! 9. Mickey Mouse and Minnie. It’s one of those childhood crushes that we want to keep forever. Luckily, it’s not just our soft spot, designers are also flirting with this motif . Mickey Mouse makes its come back on t-shirts, bags, pillows but it has this washed out, retro, sometimes quirky look. 10. Ballet gear. Let’s face it, all little girls dream about it. And nowadays they can sport their tutus and bodysuits in nurseries, at playgrounds or at friend’s birthday party. Ballet outfits are no longer restricted to dancing halls. They can be worn on everyday basis and matched with any other piece of clothing. A lot of credit goes to Girls on Tip Toes (bravo!). We’re loving it. Below is the shopping list for you to use. Collage prepared for us by Bazgranina with the use of photos by: kaszkazmlekiem, domsli for ladnebebe, whitewoodenhouse, miszkomaszko, nosweet, no added sugar

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