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Mom + child according to Milapinou

Conversation with Dallana Bayarri

Dallana Bayarri is the creator of the brand Milapinou. We wrote about her many times (here about the latest collection), because we are delighted with her idea of fashion for children and their mothers. We are glad that it is now available in Poland from Miss Puppet shop and equally strongly we are glad that we managed to have a word with Dallana. It turned out very interesting … We invite you to read.


Why fashion is still not for pregnant women or nursing mothers? What prompted you to work on clothes that are filling this gap?

Just a few brands design clothing for pregnant or breastfeeding women, because this type of clothing is only used for a limited time, creating a small customer-base. Lately, the market has been growing due to a strong demand from mothers who breastfeed. My initial inspiration came when I found myself breastfeeding my newborn daughter in the maternity ward of a hospital. I found a great need for more functional fashionable clothing.

Is sharing clothes between mother and daughter something important? Should we dress in similar ways? Do you practice it?

The vision of MILAPINOU is not to impose an identical look between mother and child. In fact, as the baby grows it develops its own personality and tastes.
The message that Milapinou wants to convey, is a message of love, tenderness and togetherness; a visual representation of the fusional bond of love between a mother and her child that is created in the womb at conception. Milapinou strives to showcase this deep bond with similar clothes for mother  and baby during the early years of life. We illustrate the bond through the use the identical fabrics and colors, while respecting the identity of each  with differences in designs and cuts.
And yes, my daughter and I have dressed similarly in the past, but now that she is nearly 3 years old, I allow her the freedom to decide what she would like to wear.

Are your Mexican roots important to you when you are working on the collection? What are your sources of inspiration?

Yes, my roots are very important! They are always present in Milapinou. My most treasured sources of inspiration are the memories of my childhood. Whether in the hippie styles, like those in old photos of my parents in the 70’s, or in the poetic embroidery reminiscent of that of my grandmother’s. I remember how as a child, I loved to draw designs and how she would tell me stories as she embroidered with thousands of beautiful colors. I marveled at her stories of fairies and goblins. So, the Milapinou collections will see an enchanted fairyland winter and a very  Woodstock summer.

When you come up with a new model, what is crucial for you: the cut , the fabric or maybe the idea and the inspiration?

Everything is crucial in a collection, but most important for Milapinou is comfortability for mom and baby.

What are your plans for the future? We sincerely hope increasing sizes for older children is among them!

I have a head full of ideas. And yes, increasing the sizes for older children is one of them. I’m also planning, a collection of accessories for women, as well as, enhancement of our existing product lines. Ultimately, our goal is to become the brand of choice for expecting and new mothers everywhere.

Slowly the spring is coming. Say a few words what are your dream vacation?

My dream vacation would be a month-long road trip through Baja California Sur, Mexico, from the little  town of Loreto, up to Todos los Santos. And, for sure, enjoying margaritas and piña coladas at the “Hotel California”.

April will be the month of the music on ladnebebe. On this occasion we ask different designers, photographers and illustrators about their favorite music in the springtime. What are you listening to when you work or rest? What are your five favorite tracks?

I love music! I listen to a lot of folk, alternative, dream pop and oldies during the Spring. I really love listening to new talent, and new versions of my favorites songs, too. So, here are five of my favorite songs… it’s so hard to choose only five!

Flowers in your hair – Lumineers

Riptide – Vance Joy 

San Francisco – Mowgli  

Time To Pretend – MGMT 

Pina Colada – Rupert Holmes

Great soundtrack! Perfect for a sunny weekend and beautifully conveying atmosphere of your collection! Thank you for the lovely conversation!

You will find Milapinou clothing (for a mom also!) in Miss Puppet store!

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