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Moi Mili

It's time for a talk with Klaudia.

Please note, You deserve applause! Hooray for Polish parents who have recognized and known how to appreciate the talent of Klaudia, the creator of the brand Moi Mili.

Tasteful gems – pencil cases, poufs, garlands dream catchers and other accessories and even a teepee – made from unusual fabrics or put together and beautiful papers conquered our hearts with their native Scandinavian colours and the need to surround you with things pleasant cosy and practical.

Moi Mili creates beautiful objects that help us build the atmosphere of interiors and complement our daily rhythm with moments of delight. The wonders that come from the hands of Klaudia found a permanent place in children’s bedrooms. Now they are available to everyone, at your fingertips, because Moi Mili has a shop!

On this occasion we talk with Klaudia about the origins of her business and her inspirations and we invite you to shop!

How the idea started:

From my life and by chance. You start doing something quietly then you begin to like it and want to make a noise.

Way of doing business:

I am just now learning to be a businesswoman 🙂

What inspires me:

My childhood, my own kids and other people’s kids, so really anything can become an inspiration.

In my spare time I like to:

Oh, there is not much of that recently, but I try not to forget about rest. Mostly I meet my friends, I am a very social and talkative person. I just have to talk a lot in my free time.

When I was little, I wanted to become:

Soldier and more precisely a pilot, I also wanted to sell in the store and be a dancer or a gymnast.

The gadget, without which I cannot imagine motherhood:

Ergonomic baby carrier. Sling is probably not a gadget, but I’m not kind of a gadget mum. I started to use a pushchair only as Julek grew up to 16 kg. Unless cloth diaper can be a gadget, and I know that buying cloth diapers can become an addiction.

The completely useless gadget:

Cradles that sway themselves, play and vibrate always amuse me.

When I was pregnant it was necessary to:

Use pillow between the legs.

Favourite toy of my children:

For a long time now these have been tracks and trains, but when Julek was small, these were of course small pouches that I sewed for him. He hurled them, jumped, walked over them, and wore them on the head. There was a lot of fun.

Favourite children’s brands:

Hmm, a lot of them, especially those small, handmade ones. Of the better known: Ferm Living, Numero 74, Winter waters factory, Mount Royal Mint, Garbo and Friends, Gucio, Gagani …

Recently I bought for children:

Yesterday an egg with a surprise and recently ecco shoes.

Recently I bought myself:

A lot of clothes in a second-hand shop.

A place on the Web that inspires me:

I love her:

A place that I like to visit with children:

Skaryszewski Park in Warsaw and the right bank of the Vistula River. I loved a place called Relieve Mother when it was open 🙁

Our family’s favourite breakfast is:

Mountain oatmeal with chocolate, omelette and cocoa.

Dream holiday:

There are several: New Zealand, Iceland, Peru, Burma and Japan.

Plans for the future:

Constantly grow and be happy.

Thank you!

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