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Modern Fathers

He repairs a wheel falling off of the excavator, explains why Vader wears a black coat, and accompanies watching the same old episode of Peppy Pig for the hundredth time. He recognizes the difference between Rarity Dash and Pinkie Pie (oh yes!), and he knows that French braid is not a variation of fried food, but a beloved hairdo of a little preschooler. Moreover, he can make it…

He is a champion of lulling (he falls asleep first, then the kids), as only he agrees to reading the same tale for the tenth time and smuggling some munchies to the bedside. He lets the daughter practice her future hairdressing skills on him and takes the son to the soccer match, even if he hates it. In changing diapers he is as skilled as in changing bike gears, and his smartphone is jam-packed with sweet pics of his children. During the weekend you’ll find him accompanying them for the creative pottery workshops or windsurfing at the nearby bay…

Modern father: fully aware and enthusiastic about his role. Today there is no complaining and feminist tones, because the fathers we see around us are cool. We know this is not the representative picture of the whole of our society, and that things get complicated. But the generation gap we are experiencing is enormous; modern fathers are not only engaged, but they really appreciate and fully enjoy their role.

To answer your predicted questions… no, no tattoo parlor is sponsoring this post. It is simply the talented Eliza Krakówka behind the lens and her fascinating gift of finding such fantastic (and handsome!) “Daddies”. We asked them three questions for the Father’s Day, although we could easily spend the whole day chatting about kids. Let us introduce you!



I am 38, vegetarian, and a leftie. By no means I am the smoothest guy around. I aim at treating others good, or at least in a way I would like to be treated. I work as a quasi-manager at music tours across Europe and the world.

That’s how he introduces himself when we catch him repairing a bike. No previous arrangements, we really found him in the middle of building a bike for his daughter, a bike with a stroller and a little mattress in the front…

Since I became a father…

I have been a father for almost 25 months.

What being a dad gave and what it took from you?

Being a dad let me experience Love as I never knew existed. It didn’t take anything, just rearranged the way I look at life, so I need to readapt differently.

The most important lesson I want to teach my kid is…

Believe in yourself and never give up. Do what you trust is right. Search for yourself, your love, your passion. Love and respect yourself, love and respect the others – people and animals. Do not do to others what you would not have them do to you. Learn to listen, and then everything will become easy.


Here is the big time sportsman. When he is not surfing, he plays volleyball, and the other way around. He used to be the Polish champion in kitesurfing; now his day job is sport marketing. We asked father of Julka and Jasiek is having kids like the extreme sport?

Since I became a father…

Coming home is the most beautiful moment of the day. Kids gather around screaming “dad!, they hug and kiss me. Having the kids in my arms, I totally forget about the whole workday.

What being a dad gave and what it took from you?

I see it as another phase of life, when the word “I” is replaced with “We”, and very much so. The most difficult part is probably dividing time equally for each kid, although if you get up in the morning, there is plenty of time. I don’t feel I have been deprived of anything, I see just the pros.

The most important lesson I want to teach my kid is…

I would like my kids to grow to be good human beings, not to make the mistakes I did, and to be healthy. No more and no less.


Describe yourself in few sentences? I am a traveling Varsovian currently working in the advertising business. I live passionately, with adrenaline, and most of all, for my family. As a youngster I escaped from emigration back to Poland, and I don’t savor the thoughts of eventual relocation. Well, good that you are not going anywhere, because we have three substantial questions to ask…

Since I became a father…

… all of my life improved even further. 

What being a dad gave and what it took from you?

Being a dad gave me the family, which I wanted very much. In return I gave up snowboarding, which was a great part of my life, and writing, which was almost as crucial.  

The most important lesson I want to teach my kid is…

The most essential lesson I want to teach my kids is never let anyone convince you that you are worse than the others. 

Since I became a father…

I worry every day, I am proud every day.

What being a dad gave and what it took from you?

Being a dad defines me as a human being, it directs my actions, influences my choices, gives me more serenity, patience, joy – being a dad have given me the strength. It took from me the unessential things.

The most important lesson I want to teach my kid is…

Love yourself, so you can love the others.


Konrad, art director and creative director, designer and founder of Artvaders collective, is a dad of 7-years old Matylda. How will the ad-man advertise being a father? But no copywriter’s tricks!

Since I became a father…

Since I have become a father… I waste less. This is true with health, time, dough, and… paradoxically, nerves. I brawl less, yet plan and think much more. My daughter messed up my past life a lot, but it was the best change possible.

What being a dad gave and what it took from you?

It definitely wised me up, and it took from me the sense of being infallible and immortal. 

The most important lesson I want to teach my kid is…

The most important lesson I want to teach my kid… she is going to tell me this herself in a few years. She calls me “the cool dad”, but I will teach her something more than riding a bike, swimming and boxing (laughing…). Maybe some coolness?


Szymon for many people is a cult figure. He co-created first Warsaw skateboard and drum’n’bass music environment as Dj Perez. Today he actively promotes skate and snowboarding and is a father of 5-years old Leo.


Since I became a father…

…I have a different attitude towards life –  I no longer think primarily of myself (laughs). I spend more time with my family and raising my son, although I am not indifferent to other kids – I became more attentive in this subject, and I am often saddened to see kids being treated badly.

What being a dad gave and what it took from you?

Being a father, on one hand means having less time for my own pleasures, but on the other: I spend my free time better and more effective by devoting it to my interests instead of dawdling away.

The most important lesson I want to teach my kid is…

…tolerance towards everything that differs from generally imposed standards. Albeit, it is my son who is teaching me: he taught me the complete and absolute love, being responsible for others, and respecting my duties. Moreover, I will definitely teach him skateboarding!

So how to recap this? We became a bit emotional, even speechless. As we read your answers, we notice how very true they are. It is hard to add anything, because you have already said all there was to say. Today is the Father’s Day and Your celebration. It is great to have You in this kind of parenthood! Boys, we drink to your health!

Pictures Eliza Krakówka

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