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For five years now, Kukkia - a brand producing wooden toys - has been operating in Osaka. And although there is no shotage of such barnds on the market, the idea behind Kukkia is unique. kukkia-gg_tsumiki_09 kukkia-gg_tsumiki_02 kukkia-gg_tsumiki_01 The brand was created by Kaz Shiomi, who after years of studies in the U.S. returned to Japan to work in a company producing wooden toys. Her grandfather was a carpenter and a dream of Kaz, who had been playing with handmade toys, was to be able to bestow upon other kids items that smell of wood. She soon realized that it was her professional vocation. Just like other manufacturers, Kukkia wants to produce toys engaging imagination and creativity, but here the effect is a little different. And it is so because they managed to combine inspiration by Scandinavian crafts, severe Nordic forms with something typically Japanese: sweet, joyful colors and richness of detail. gg_oekakihouse japonki kukkia   kiko_amechan_012-680x510 kiko_amechan_081 The whole production process is based on certified wood and excellent quality as well as ethical production in Asian carpentry workshops. Other brands of similar philosophy cooperate with Kukkia, including for example our favorite Muji. Until now toys have been created as parts of two collections: gg* and kiko+. The former offers colorful, beautifully designed toys, the latter focuses on a combination of vibrant colors with a matt, rough finish. As a result, in Kukkia's product range one can find similar but a little different items as those offered by other companies working with wood: sets of beads for DIY stringing, drawing boards or a ravishing set to learn eating with chopsticks. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="12923,12924,12925"] Here, even a simple Memory is different, because it is a bag full of stars. The Kukkia's product range does not lack also jewelery trinkets or toys previously not present here in Poland: as lottery vending machine. kukkia-kiko_gatchagatcha_01-680x510 kukkia-ladnebebepl-gg_step-to-the-world-01-680x495 We love the food series consisting of creative pancake and tasty set of a hamburger and fries. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="12934,12935,12936"] kiko_hamburgerset_001-680x520 Cult wooden cars with a friction motor were available for a moment in Poland thanks to COS stores. kiko_kuruma_colour_01-680x510 kiko_kuruma_mono_06 We are waiting for Kukkia's Polish distributor. This is cool, cheerful design for kids: smart, but not trivial toys that can intrigue and encourage children to invent new applications for them. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="12922,12921,12920"] You can read about how Luna plays with her gatchagatcha lottery vending machine on her mother's blog. Luna_Kiko_6      

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