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I want to be a fool

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We like parenting blogs very much. Often they are just as authentic, sincere as funny. We recognise ourselves in them, our problems and struggles. We read them when we need a breather but also when looking for support. Contrary to all appearances, blogs created by parents cannot be split into those about life and not very nice, and those refined but about cabinets.

More and more of us can not only tell about everyday life tenderly and movingly but also show it in superb pictures.

One of our favorites is the blog of Sylvia Pogoda. This beautiful girl, born in Slovakia, today divides his time between Vienna (where she studied photography) and Warsaw where she lives with her husband and son and creates.

sylvia by herself

sylvia pogoda 2 sylvia pogoda

I Want To Be a Fool is a place where you can see the remarkable works of Sylvia – photographs technically brilliant, yes, but also full of stories that long to be told. As if lightly sprinkled with dust, dim, they tenderly portray people, their behavior and needs and sometimes eccentricities and fantasies. Through images of objects, landscapes or architecture, Sylvia always seems to talk about humanity and our small, everyday bustle. Although she traveled a big part of the world with a camera (just see my beloved post about Japan), it seems that her truth about people is universal.


sylvia sencek israel

slovenia sylvia pogoda

Ever since half a year ago a son, Little L., appeared in the life of Sylvia there is no lack of pictures of their family. They are accompanied by stories about the beginnings of their parenthood, first about a growing belly (and toothache), and then about milk stains on a blouse, anxieties about health and moments of utter happiness.

There is a lot of authenticity in them, sincerity in observing changes in herself and in her surroundings. Sylvia looks at the world with high sensitivity, but does not fall into sweetness, does not improve reality. She takes it as it is.

IMG_8485 IMG_5225-sp1 IMG_7056

She does not separated private and reporter photos – this division would be artificial for her. Art and life in the life of Sylvia and Bartek Pogoda are inextricably linked, form a coherent whole, are a way of looking at the world.

april3 april6 IMG_5412_e1

Therefore, we recommend you also Bartek’s website, which is a supplement to the story – there you will find the father’s perspective but with the same affectionate and sincere look. Both sites give us the opportunity to shadow the life of a family who roams from country to country with cameras, trying to find harmony in chaos and their own way of being together.

Photos whith Sylvia were taken by Bartek.

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