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Hsiao-Ron lands on the moon

Hsiao Ron Cheng is a Taiwanese graphic designer. She is 27 years old and her adventure with illustration started only two years ago though, of course, she has drawn forever. Success came very quickly. Her works combine delicacy and pastel colours with oneiric and disturbing atmosphere. They talk lyrically about fears or a felling of being a misfit. hsiaoron-portrait It amazed people around the world. Today, Ron creates illustrations for articles, designs covers and murals on the walls of cafes. Among the fans of her work there was also our native Kids On The Moon. And because the girls do not know the strength of limitations and gravity, they immediately suggested Ron a cooperation. And the results are here: limited minicolletion, which was created as part of the Moonsafari collection. We decided to ask Ron about the experience of cooperation with Polish designers and her own fascinations. What were your associations with Poland, before you started the cooperation with Kids on The Moon? I've never been to Poland but always known that Poland is famous by classic music. After working with Kids on The Moon, I surprisingly noticed there are bunch of very creative and beautiful Polish kid's fashion brands out there which is rare here in Taiwan. I'm so happy I could join you guys! Childhood seems to be an unfailing source of inspiration for you. Does memories and dreams mean something special for you? Do you miss being a kid? I more like the way I am right now; still remain a kid's heart inside, but have more mature attitude outside. To me, being a kid is to be loyal to your own voice and dream. Sometimes we need innocent or naive to chase what we eager to pursue before the desperation of reality destroy our opportunities. That's why I've always been so inspired by kids images; they somehow remind me of the honesty and genuineness. My childhood memories are like what most Asian kids have, surround by the depression of school grades; that probably is the reason why I like to imagine things which are far away from my real childhood memories. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="12056,12054,12049,12053,12046"] Feathers, feathers, feathers... they are beautiful. Are they also a symbol of something? Do they mean something for you? I've never draw feather before actually before Kids on The Moon gave me the assignment, and I was very enjoying the entire process of drawing feathers. To me, feathers represent the wildness but also gentleness because their function is to protect the body from severe weather, which is a beautiful combination. You did some interesting drawings for adults fashion magazines. Do you like kids fashion as well? Yes! I like kids fashion a lot more after I work with Kids on The Moon. I think my pastel colors suit kids fashion satisfyingly, not to mention some of my works were truly inspired by children images already. I'm very looking forward to having more opportunities to involve all kinds of kids fashion brand in the future! [gallery type="rectangular" ids="12057,12055,12052"] The new collection by Kids on the Moon - Moonsafari - is about freedom and the wild that every kid has in his heart. What are freedom and wildness for you today, when you are a grownup? Freedom is the main spirit I'm pursuing for sure. The true freedom to a grownup is to live independently, meaning not being controlled by anyone else, including other people's expectation for you, but only truly be yourself. The wildness is to face the beast in your body, listen to its desire and turn the desire to positive attitude. It will become a great assistance when you try to achieve your goal. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="12050,12051,12047,12045"] May and June would be the music months on ladnebebe. On this occasion we ask different designers, photographers and illustrators about their favorite music in the springtime. What are you listening to when you work or rest? What are your five favorite tracks? I'm now listening Imogen Heap's music. I love her "Little Bird" and "Goodnight and Go". I love Iamamiwhoami, too. Her new song "Hunting for Pearls" is my favorite, melt my heart.

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