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cacaovo-14114756354_6728595f70_b cacaovo-13927748547_a2b1b112de_b Inspired by the the Ola's story from Sicily we decided to think about what summer style is. Her holiday photos and Julka's and Hania's stylings perfectly convey it and we added our two cents' worth. First of all, for a few good seasons now and regardless of the age of children (and of us) holiday for us means stripes. Maritime climates and stripes of all colors interswined with white. For blouses, dresses and bodysuits. They come back every season and surely will work well in the next one. cacaovo-14114764264_715e5367b8_b cacaovo-13927727547_fbd58b8134_b The second thing is bright colors. Not only pastels, but also the colors evocative of ice cream flavors and colors of nature. Light colors reflect the sunlight well and also for this reason they have their justification in holiday stylings. Finally, the specific cuts. Comfortable white or flowery shorts, straw hat, and loose shirts naturally with stripes cannot be missed. We like also longer dresses and we very like Ola's discovery - nice Mon Marcel Barcelona pantsuit for a bit windy beach. cacaovo-14111321832_39450dc66f_b cacaovo-14092096554_a03b22205b_bcacaovo-14091631695_76ca61f90b_b It is worth writing also about the materials. Ideally lightweight cotton but also delicate weave wool, which has great thermoregulatory properties, or for example bamboo. During summer also flaxen fabric works well. Thank you for the inspiration, we look forward to our seaside holidays all the more! cacaovo-14052667577_94b0955c9c_b cacaovo-14052668717_a0e4ab4382_b Here are some proposals inspired by the girls' holiday style.

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