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Indian Summer

Indian summer must have some specific feminine qualities, as in Polish it is referred to as “babie lato”, “women’s summer”. It is a time of long shadows, sunny afternoons, and short, alluring dusks. We have spent a spontaneous weekend by the seaside, and we are certain of one thing - this year the Indian summer has indeed arrived. The sand was warm, and the water – fabulous. (more…)
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Modern Fathers

He repairs a wheel falling off of the excavator, explains why Vader wears a black coat, and accompanies watching the same old episode of Peppy Pig for the hundredth time. He recognizes the difference between Rarity Dash and Pinkie Pie (oh yes!), and he knows that French braid is not a variation of fried food, but a beloved hairdo of a little preschooler. Moreover, he can make it…


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  • Modern Fathers

    He repairs a wheel falling off of the excavator, explains why Vader wears a black coat, and accompanies watching the same old episode of Peppy Pig for the hundredth time. He recognizes the difference between Rarity Dash and Pinkie Pie (oh yes!), and he knows that French braid is not a variation of fried food, but a beloved hairdo of a little preschooler. Moreover, he can make it…


    Dzień Ojca, eliza krakówka
  • The ingenious Avakai

    This story resembles a fairy-tale, the one with a happy ending. It all started with an idea. The idea was beautiful, constructive, original, focused on what is the most important in upbringing, very childhood unplugged, and moreover, thoroughly thought-out. Great idea was accompanied by reliably build prototypes - fruits of labor of a polish artisan. Finally, the project emerged, by virtue of generosity and good will of random recipients. And ultimately came a stunning success, great joy and lots of work to enable embodiment of the idea. (more…)
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  • Cuddling of Jonatan

    The power of attachment. Cuddling and being hugged makes us stronger. Our bare hands discover the world while we observe it eagerly. We perceive its richness brought to us by an early morning. Attachment brings strength to every family. (more…)
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  • Hsiao-Ron lands on the moon

    Hsiao Ron Cheng is a Taiwanese graphic designer. She is 27 years old and her adventure with illustration started only two years ago though, of course, she has drawn forever. Success came very quickly. Her works combine delicacy and pastel colours with oneiric and disturbing atmosphere. They talk lyrically about fears or a felling of being a misfit. hsiaoron-portrait It amazed people around the world. Today, Ron creates illustrations for articles, designs covers and murals on the walls of cafes. Among the fans of her work there was also our native Kids On The Moon. And because the girls do not know the strength of limitations and gravity, they immediately suggested Ron a cooperation. And the results are here: limited minicolletion, which was created as part of the Moonsafari collection. We decided to ask Ron about the experience of cooperation with Polish designers and her own fascinations. What were your associations with Poland, before you started the cooperation with Kids on The Moon? I've never been to Poland but always known that Poland is famous by classic music. After working with Kids on The Moon, I surprisingly noticed there are bunch of very creative and beautiful Polish kid's fashion brands out there which is rare here in Taiwan. I'm so happy I could join you guys! Childhood seems to be an unfailing source of inspiration for you. Does memories and dreams mean something special for you? Do you miss being a kid? I more like the way I am right now; still remain a kid's heart inside, but have more mature attitude outside. To me, being a kid is to be loyal to your own voice and dream. Sometimes we need innocent or naive to chase what we eager to pursue before the desperation of reality destroy our opportunities. That's why I've always been so inspired by kids images; they somehow remind me of the honesty and genuineness. My childhood memories are like what most Asian kids have, surround by the depression of school grades; that probably is the reason why I like to imagine things which are far away from my real childhood memories. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="12056,12054,12049,12053,12046"] Feathers, feathers, feathers... they are beautiful. Are they also a symbol of something? Do they mean something for you? I've never draw feather before actually before Kids on The Moon gave me the assignment, and I was very enjoying the entire process of drawing feathers. To me, feathers represent the wildness but also gentleness because their function is to protect the body from severe weather, which is a beautiful combination. You did some interesting drawings for adults fashion magazines. Do you like kids fashion as well? Yes! I like kids fashion a lot more after I work with Kids on The Moon. I think my pastel colors suit kids fashion satisfyingly, not to mention some of my works were truly inspired by children images already. I'm very looking forward to having more opportunities to involve all kinds of kids fashion brand in the future! [gallery type="rectangular" ids="12057,12055,12052"] The new collection by Kids on the Moon - Moonsafari - is about freedom and the wild that every kid has in his heart. What are freedom and wildness for you today, when you are a grownup? Freedom is the main spirit I'm pursuing for sure. The true freedom to a grownup is to live independently, meaning not being controlled by anyone else, including other people's expectation for you, but only truly be yourself. The wildness is to face the beast in your body, listen to its desire and turn the desire to positive attitude. It will become a great assistance when you try to achieve your goal. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="12050,12051,12047,12045"] May and June would be the music months on ladnebebe. On this occasion we ask different designers, photographers and illustrators about their favorite music in the springtime. What are you listening to when you work or rest? What are your five favorite tracks? I'm now listening Imogen Heap's music. I love her "Little Bird" and "Goodnight and Go". I love Iamamiwhoami, too. Her new song "Hunting for Pearls" is my favorite, melt my heart.
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  • Moi Mili

    Please note, You deserve applause! Hooray for Polish parents who have recognized and known how to appreciate the talent of Klaudia, the creator of the brand Moi Mili. Tasteful gems – pencil cases, poufs, garlands dream catchers and other accessories and even a teepee – made from unusual fabrics or put together and beautiful papers conquered our hearts with their native Scandinavian colours and the need to surround you with things pleasant cosy and practical. Moi Mili creates beautiful objects that help us build the atmosphere of interiors and complement our daily rhythm with moments of delight. The wonders that come from the hands of Klaudia found a permanent place in children’s bedrooms. Now they are available to everyone, at your fingertips, because Moi Mili has a shop! On this occasion we talk with Klaudia about the origins of her business and her inspirations and we invite you to shop! How the idea started: From my life and by chance.

  • Playtime

    There is only one place where every enthusiast of kids fashion spends the first weekend of July. It’s Paris, destination to be and be seen for all stockists, designers and media related to kids universe. The reason? Playtime Paris. The event created by siblings Sebastian de Hutten and Maria Czapska, both well rooted in the world of fashion business. The first edition was organised in Paris in 2007 and since then it has been shaping and changing the fashion industry. Since the very beginning, it was the organisers’ top priority to facilitate the contact between producers and retailers.The experience gained in this field led them to the creation of the Playologie platform. ©Pierrot-Marie-et-Sebastien_1774-2-copy We decided to ask Sebastian about the early days, kids fashion  and future plans. How has it all started? Why children's industry and children's trade show? It has always been a family business. Our mother, Hortensia de Hutten, started it all with women’s fashion, as a stylist, then as a PR, then launching the first designers’ trade show in Paris. After several years we started taking a few children’s lines that wanted to show during fashion week in Paris and after two seasons we launched Playtime with a new concept, which was to bring together fashion, decor, design, toys… all of those universes in one place. Maternity and babygear came a few seasons after as a natural extension of the show. After some time you started Playologie - a brilliant idea that now seems so obvious… We noticed for quite a few seasons how buyers always loved coming to the show but, for many, placed their orders after. Too many things to see at the fair, too many great lines to choose from, few days to make some important decisions. So we decided that we needed to build a tool that would help both buyers and brands to place orders before, during or after the shows, manage those orders, change them, talk to one another and mostly save a lot of time in the process. Playologie in Paris How does it feel to have a real (and global) influence on changes on the children's market? I don’t know about that… We’re here mostly to give brands the best possible visibility, to accompany them, and make sure buyers can see them in the most stimulating environment and discover new things at every show. Certainly we travel a lot to see as much as we can and try to guess what’s coming next. We have a way of seeing things, of showing lines, of communicating, and if we influence things in any way, it’s not our primary intention which is to serve brands and buyers at the best of our capabilities. For sure it matters that it has all started in Paris, the fashion capital of the world, which, however, on the streets is very classic and balanced in clothing. How does Paris affect your work? I was born in the US, Marie Czapska (my business partner and sister!) is Argentinian, we both have Polish backgrounds, our mother was Bolivian and our team is Swedish, Japanese, Israeli…and not one single Parisian! Yes there’s an old tradition of fashion in Paris and it’s a gorgeous city, but indeed it has lost a bit of its aura over the past few years, and that pushes us even more to always reach a certain standard and meet the expectations of those who come to visit. A daily challenge! What do you like in children's industry the most? Can you still get surprised by it? It has all the creativity - sometimes more - that you can find in women’s fashion, less the ego! We get surprised at every show by a few designers that come up with amazing things, and we often wish we could find some of the same things for grown ups! Do you have your favorite children's brands? yes I do and I can’t say! ;-) Is it a good idea to work with a sibling? Would you recommend to your friends running a family business? There’s no trust like the one you can have with a sibling and that’s worth all the troubles that come with running a family business! Can we ask about your sister's Polish-sounding surname? It’s an old Polish family that, for the most, has emigrated to other countries in the world after the second world war. Our great uncle, Josef Czapski, is very famous in Poland, as a painter, a writer and a witness to a tragic episode of the Polish history. An inspiration to many of us... Next ideas? How do you plan changing a world of children's industry? Does it really need so much changing?! There are already such amazing things out there, it’s always so i nspirational. We've got plenty of new ideas to help people grow their business but no matter how much we run, we want to keep getting pleasure out of everything we do! Thank you for the conversation! We invite you to learn more about Playologie and to visit Playtime trade shows.
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  • The ingenious Avakai

    This story resembles a fairy-tale, the one with a happy ending. It all started with an idea. The idea was beautiful, constructive, original, focused on what is the most important in upbringing, very childhood unplugged, and moreover, thoroughly thought-out. Great idea was accompanied by reliably build prototypes - fruits of labor of a polish artisan. Finally, the project emerged, by virtue of generosity and good will of random recipients. And ultimately came a stunning success, great joy and lots of work to enable embodiment of the idea. (more…)
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  • Playtime Paris

    Every year in early June we start counting down days to the most important fairs in the world of children's design. Playtime Paris don't stop to develop and raise the bar higher and higher. We know that going there for three days we will have the opportunity to learn about new brands, talk with designers and gather inspirations for the next six months. (more…)
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  • Behomm concept

    Do you like to look into homes of others? If so, what would you say to holidays in someone's home, for example in Amsterdam, in Portugal, or even far beyond the ocean, in the distant Indonesia? And I do not mean camping at your relatives' homes, but living at homes of friends, with whom we share common passions and interests. What am I saying about? A new travel concept - Behomm. behomm-10172723_517730061669370_733346171_n Eva and Agust are a couple of graphic designers and partners from Barcelona, who for twenty years now have been running their own studio called juste calduch. They have recently started a new adventure, with great passion and commitment. They created Behomm - a community which deals with apartments exchange for holidays, but is only available for designers and visual artists. It offers a tempting opportunity to stay in a beautiful house and to meet with people of common interests. Individual invitation to Behomm allows you to see all the houses of members without registering, and then become a member if you want to exchange. Admission by invitation only means that all members are friends of friends, it gives us a sense of security and rules out an anonymous registration. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="13028,13038,13036,13034,13040"] Eva and Agust oversee everything and contact each new member personally. Why only a select group of people? "We want to link beauty lovers all over the world ... maybe we're crazy" - Behomm founders say about themselves. Do you like the idea? I like it very much. Behomm is also a great idea for family holidays. Your children can stay in a completely new children's space and you eliminated a pile of toys from the luggage. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="13037,13031,13026,13033,13034"] Behomm engrosses. Not only huge and stylish mansions on the other side of the world can delight you, but also small and cozy apartments in the heart of Paris or in Brussels, decorated with taste and care of every detail. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="13023,13024,13025,13030,13029,13027,13032"] Behomm is full of individualism and interiors that we usually see only in the newspapers. At times it is difficult to believe that these places are at hand, and that their owners simply invite us to come for holidays. The only question is whether we have the courage to join them? Finally, an interesting interview with Behomm funders. author: Agata / RAFA Kids
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  • Toshiko Horiuchi’s playground

    If you are still wondering whether or not to go to Japan with children, we have a definitive answer for you. Here is a fantastic children's playground ... crochet by Japanese artist Toshiko Horiuchi. Toshiko horiuchi (1) Toshiko horiuchi (2) Toshiko horiuchi (13) These colorful landscapes from crochet thread can be found in the National Park in Sapporo. You can be sure that both you and your children, regardless of age, will not want too quickly leave this place, and the memories of it will last in their memories. Toshiko Horiuchi thought of her playground so that evokes associations from cosmos while referring to traditional materials such as wool and wood. Because the structure is very modern both internally and externally. Toshiko horiuchi (18) Toshiko horiuchi (19) Toshiko horiuchi (20) With twisted together wood outside the inside gets a lot of natural light. The design is conceived so that we have a chance to play in a space that is abstract but very friendly to us. Toshiko horiuchi (21) Toshiko horiuchi (24) Toshiko horiuchi (25) The idea for the playground came up ... by accident. Toshiko had the opportunity to watch kids at one of her exhibitions "playing" (despite the ban) with her crochet thread exhibit. First, full of tension, she was watching her exhibit, but then she discovered that due to spontaneous movement her work comes to life. Fabric changes form and starts to work. This movement and sounds of children have become a complement to the work and thus made the idea for such a fantastic project appear in the Toshiko's head. Read more about the artist and her work on this unique playground here. More photos can be seen here.
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  • Felting Dreams

    Można nie lubić zwierząt, ale nie móc się im oprzeć, o ile są pomniejszone do mikroskali i nie są prawdziwe. Wtedy nawet dinozaury – na przykład te gumowe – wyglądają całkiem uroczo. Nasze dzieci rosną, a wraz z nimi – ich kolekcje figurek najrożniejszych stworzeń. Bawią się nimi już tyle lat! Nie wszystkie muszą być plastikowe. Te wydziergane na malutkim szydełku lub ufilcowane z wełny też pozwalą stworzyć wyobraźni dziecka niezwykły świat zaludniony przez drobiazg fauny wszelkiego rodzaju. Prace Chilijki Johany Moliny urzekły nas swoim starannym wykonaniem, urokiem małych stworzeń i ich rozkosznymi portretami zainscenizowanymi przez autorkę. Nie mamy wątpliwości, że tchnęła w nie życie. Podobnie jak w naszym ulubionym Mysim domku Kariny Schaapman, filcowe stworzenia są zaaferowane codziennością i mają masę spraw do załatwienia. Nie brakuje im jednak czasu na bliskie znajomości, przyjaźnie i prawdziwe przygody. Zwierzątka Feltingdreams sprawiają, że same mamy ochotę taki tajemniczy domek stworzyć w naszym mieszkaniu, i zaludnić go stworzeniami spod filcujących igieł Johany. Na

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  • Add colour to fashion

    We keep saying that fashion is for fun. Enough theory, time to put it to practice! All you need are pencils, crayons and felt - tip pens. Print some lovely Paper Moss colourings and let the kids do the rest. What will they add? What will they patch up and what will grasp their attention? We are very curious about what colour they will pick. Will they at least partly match those chosen by designers themselves? Seize the opportunity to discover your kid’s very own seasonal colour palette! Just click and download the following pictures. Have (creative) fun! kolorowanki-01 [gallery type="rectangular" ids="24882,24883"] kolorowanki-04
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  • MUST HAVES wiosna / lato 2015

    Apparently Sex in the City characters stopped wearing tight dresses and high heels. They say NYC and other fashion capitals just let it go. Fashion is passé, as they say, and being normcore is far more exciting right now. Well, it’s a big world out there… Here, locally nothing has changed and we all love must have lists. To be read,  not necessarily carried with you for shopping. And we are even more happy to discover that we know all too well and like half of the list items. Such lists serve as inspiration and invitation to a play. They should open new horizons instead of imposing fashion competition. Like that, huh? So here we go: must haves 2015. The perfect list. kolaz-1-3 1. Ombre, shading. This season ombre encompasses just one colour shade, such is the case in Kids on the Moon (parisian blu) and celebrities hairdos (pink in all shades and emerald green). It brought back our childhood memories of when we used to die our hair with pink crepe paper (well, today we would use hair spray and invite kiddos over). 2. Thick muslin scarfs, Yes, those huge soft baby wraps that we actually tie around our neck. We absolutely love them and thank God winter is over and we can put them back on. Muslin is light, delicate, comfy and mostly ecological. It gets softer with every wash. It comes in the myriad of fab colours mostly from natural pigments. I wear it myself and it passed the test as a towel, blankets and sun shade on summer days. I swear to be wearing it till end of November. You can find it on cocoshki.pl 3. Sunglasses. There might be mixed opinions about them, but there are times when you just can’t do without them - at the sea, lakes, traveling to deep South where sun is scorching and blinding. Of course, chose good filters and you have the star look guaranteed (check mini rodini this season!). 4. Double-sided clothes. How many kids do you know that don’t love that?  Ours do and so do we. It brings back our memories when, as kids, we used to turn our waistcoats inside out so we could sport the woolen lining. And there is a practical side to it -  you got stains, wait what stains??. And they reveal different facets to the garment, like Kids on the Moon dress - pearl colour on one side and coral on the other. Depends what your mood and wearing occasions is. Du pareil au meme jacket does the same – do you choose toned colours or crazy colour splash? 5. Dungarees. Past meets present. So far, we are into denim ones, but who knows what next season trends will bring - maybe corduroy ones will see the daylight too? It was a must have outfit for kids in the 70ties and today the whole family welcomes it back. It’s no longer associated with workers or maternity clothes. It’s about comfort and being simply cool. Let’s see how it fits today! 6. Cats and kitties. Hello Kitty is a sure thing but hopefully there is much more to that. We see cats with fancy whiskers, tabby cats and stray cats invading our bags, shirts, pillows, shoes and even swimming suits. Aren’t they just sweet and loveable. Hello! 7. Shoes made in Poland. Yes, they rule! No more reasons to browse international web shops as Polish brands, with Emel and Mrugała at the forefront, prioritise quality, great finishing and cool design. 8. Watermelons. They are are literally everywhere, except on our plates. We are waiting for Polish ones as they taste best on hot summer days. Meanwhile, we indulge in watermelon fashion and we are spoilt for choice. Check your mirrors, they are everywhere! 9. Mickey Mouse and Minnie. It’s one of those childhood crushes that we want to keep forever. Luckily, it’s not just our soft spot, designers are also flirting with this motif . Mickey Mouse makes its come back on t-shirts, bags, pillows but it has this washed out, retro, sometimes quirky look. 10. Ballet gear. Let’s face it, all little girls dream about it. And nowadays they can sport their tutus and bodysuits in nurseries, at playgrounds or at friend’s birthday party. Ballet outfits are no longer restricted to dancing halls. They can be worn on everyday basis and matched with any other piece of clothing. A lot of credit goes to Girls on Tip Toes (bravo!). We’re loving it. Below is the shopping list for you to use. Collage prepared for us by Bazgranina with the use of photos by: kaszkazmlekiem, domsli for ladnebebe, whitewoodenhouse, miszkomaszko, nosweet, no added sugar
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  • Nice gifts

    Usually on Mondays we share with you our clothing discoveries. Today we decided to make an exception and we want to give you some nice clothes, that will certainly enrich your personal dress up games + pillow for those who do not find anything fitting their size. milapinou-home6a The surprise was prepared together with the Miss Puppet shop, which we wrote more about here, and with Milapinou (we encourage you to read a conversation with the brand creator). You can win: * Milapinou blouse with birds, size: 3 years * Milapinou body with birds, size: 3-6 months * Milapinou pillow star * Tocoto Vintage denim shirt, size: 9-12 months What should you do? Just write in the comments which thing you choose and why. We will draw one answer and reward it with the selected item. We are waiting for your comments till July 6th. Good Luck!
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  • Holiday style

    cacaovo-14114756354_6728595f70_b cacaovo-13927748547_a2b1b112de_b Inspired by the the Ola's story from Sicily we decided to think about what summer style is. Her holiday photos and Julka's and Hania's stylings perfectly convey it and we added our two cents' worth. First of all, for a few good seasons now and regardless of the age of children (and of us) holiday for us means stripes. Maritime climates and stripes of all colors interswined with white. For blouses, dresses and bodysuits. They come back every season and surely will work well in the next one. cacaovo-14114764264_715e5367b8_b cacaovo-13927727547_fbd58b8134_b The second thing is bright colors. Not only pastels, but also the colors evocative of ice cream flavors and colors of nature. Light colors reflect the sunlight well and also for this reason they have their justification in holiday stylings. Finally, the specific cuts. Comfortable white or flowery shorts, straw hat, and loose shirts naturally with stripes cannot be missed. We like also longer dresses and we very like Ola's discovery - nice Mon Marcel Barcelona pantsuit for a bit windy beach. cacaovo-14111321832_39450dc66f_b cacaovo-14092096554_a03b22205b_bcacaovo-14091631695_76ca61f90b_b It is worth writing also about the materials. Ideally lightweight cotton but also delicate weave wool, which has great thermoregulatory properties, or for example bamboo. During summer also flaxen fabric works well. Thank you for the inspiration, we look forward to our seaside holidays all the more! cacaovo-14052667577_94b0955c9c_b cacaovo-14052668717_a0e4ab4382_b Here are some proposals inspired by the girls' holiday style.
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  • Grain de chic

    For some time we have wanted to write about them again. And today it turned out that one of our favorite Polish brands celebrates its first birthday! Thus we got a direct opportunity to praise it. Slajd1 First about Grain de chic informed Luiza on her blog www.petitbackstage.com and we must admit that little Liwia is perfect for a role of unwritten ambassador of the brand. Her beauty and her mom's fascination with French chic fit like a glove into the Grain de chic DNA. However, we appreciate Grain de chic for diligence and consistency. The girls make clothes that are classic, simple and charming, but they no how to avoid temptation and remain in children's world. Going into too adult and sophisticated cuts is not an option for them. They use beautiful, flowery fabrics of very good quality, which we can then freely combine with plain t-shirts. These really are clothes to wear and for every occasion. We like quilted jackets designed smartly and with attention to every detail, and simple t-shirts from good quality cotton, which are not only great complement to the flowery shorts or skirts, but also base of our children's summer wardrobes. One can not forget about the fantastic summer dresses. Their cut resembles the cut of dresses from our childhood and are adored by little girls: for simplicity, convenience and girlishness. Wide straps, flared at the bottom and a big bow. Perfect for our summer heat and a day at the seaside. See for yourself how beautiful they can be wear: [gallery type="rectangular" ids="11939,11940,11941,11942"] Girls from Grain de chic can infect you with creativity and openness. They delight us with their ideas and their love for Paris. They prepare for us a wonderful series of articles which we always look forward to. One was about Christmas, the other about the parks and in a moment we will tell you about nice shopping in Paris with a child. And now look how cool it is to wear Grain de chic, how quite simple and beautiful. Here are 3 sets selected by Luiza and Liwia. Each of them is suitable to wear during spring and summer. Wonderful tunic with birds on the back. Perfect with leggings, jeans or over a simple dress. Her bauble shape allows full freedom during wild play. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="11927,11928"] Wonderful configuration: floral skirt and classic white blouse. Great combination for summertime but combined with tights also for springtime. We like as well to wear the skirt with this t-shirt - cool color break. petit-backstage-grain-de-chic-1270563 [gallery type="rectangular" ids="11931,11930"] petit-backstage-grain-de-chic-1270458 And finally, our favorite session in a yellow dress, which we saw already on several children and it always looks insanely great. Simple sweet cut, a true summer color and this marvellous finish of sleeves. petit-backstage-grain-de-chic-1280359 [gallery type="rectangular" ids="11935,11937"] petit-backstage-grain-de-chic-1280457 Finally, we recommend you our post about the spring collection.
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  • Mabo

    Sunlit prairies, dry, fragrant grasses and fields of grain. Blue sky, which at dawn shimmers pink and before dusk hides behind a sheepskin of storm clouds. Color palette, which Emily McMaster draws from, is the essence of the landscape of her native Utah. It is a magical place: once inhabited by Apaches, now mostly inhabited by the Mormons, with their respect for traditional values and heritage. mabo-8 mabo-11 mabo-4 Emily draws from the local culture and that is why in her own collections, created under the name Mabo, there is so much hand sewing and wonderful handicrafts. - My mom taught me how to sew and knit really early and encouraged me to make gifts for family members by myself. Well, there were so many of them that it would be impossible to buy something for everyone anyway - says the designer. Emily also adopts from her mother the believe that the ability to self-manufacture objects from natural materials is an exceptional value. These things have their own history and are particularly close to us. mabo-5 mabo-10 mabo-3 Today Emily lives in New York. Her daughters grew up a bit but Emily's need to sew dresses and clothes remained. And so arose Mabo - small clothing brand sewing in short runs and only from natural materials: mostly linen, cotton and wool. mabo-1 mabo-9 mabo-6 Mabo collections are made of high quality classics: cardigans and simple dresses. Among them there are models that surprise with contemporary details and modern design. Summer collection is idyllic and very holiday-like, unobtrusive and discreet. Perhaps Emily was able to achieve this effect because of the philosophy surprising for a fashion designer: it's only clothes for children. Only and not only. The modesty moves us and fits our holiday mood perfectly. mabo-7  
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  • Playologie

    Less than a year ago we were walking with great pleasure around bright spaces of the Playtime New York fairs. For the entire industry, Playtime fairs in Paris, Tokyo or New York are not only an opportunity to take a look at collections prepared by the most interesting children's brands (often two-seasons in advance), but also to go shopping. Designers, shop owners, creators of original boutiques and journalists, bloggers and opinion leaders meet at stands and coffee tables at the fairs. Playtime fairs are venues for presenting collections and for talking about plans for the future and - for merchants - for making deals. Now another space is being created: Playologie. This is something not only for those who are too busy to appear personally at the fairs. playologie-2 Playtime and Playologie were created by siblings associated with the world of fashion and business - Sebastian de Hutten and Marie Czapska. They organized the first Playtime trade fairs in Paris in 2007 and since then they have consistently changed the functioning of the children's fashion market. Facilitating contacts between creators and entrepreneurs was their ultimate goal right from the beginning. Experience gathered has allowed them to begin the next phase of market evolution, namely to establish Playologie. ©Pierrot Marie et Sebastien_1774-2 copy Playologie is a new platform connecting designers with distributors and retailers. It's like a trade fair, but open all year round, 24 hours a day. The website is flexible, constantly up to date and makes the world of fashion beginning to be within reach. The online fashion fairs were created after consultations with designers and merchants from many countries. Since the platform launch in June 2014 it has been collecting extremely enthusiastic reviews: both parties using the Playologie save a lot of time because technical problems related to communication, orders and misunderstandings do not apply to them anymore. No more piles of catalogs and browsing tons of pdfs! Playologie is efficiently organized system that allows the most comfortable contact between brands and merchants. This really is a showroom of the XXI century. PLAYOLOGIE-VIRTUAL-SHOWROOM-KIDS-MATERNITY copy Today around 100 of the most interesting global brands have already registered at Playologie, including Serendipity Paris, Max&Lola, Pom D'Api, Oeuf, Chispum and many more. Every day another brands are joining as for them the participation in the online fashion fair offers new possibilities and is very functional. Besides, the Playologie iPad application was created, which allows you to work in the most comfortable conditions. playologie-imac-ipad copy What awaits buyers is the best selection of interesting, high quality brands from around the world. The basis is Playologie's friendly interface and the ease of finding what you need. Here we can discover the most interesting novelties and we can order exactly what we need. Wholesale orders are as simple as those in an ordinary shop: shopping list can be easily changed and edited in the basket, your favorite brands and products can be saved for later use and the designers can be contacted by e-mail. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="20980,20977"] The mission of the authors of Playologie, is to support developing, original brands. Of course, their projects must speak for themselves - they must stand out with interesting and high quality design. However, it is because of the new platform that they can reach those interested in the children’s and maternity universes on all continents. With those people in mind they prepared a simple and intuitive website that allows a brand to quickly show it's collection on Playologie. We like to travel, meet people and talk to them, so we are not going to stop visiting Playtime fairs. But we are glad that finally there is a place through which works of our favorite Polish designers can reach people across borders and through which sophisticated gems from around the world can get to Polish stores. Below is link to a film that clearly shows the idea behind Playologie. http://vimeo.com/115560136
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  • Kukkia

    For five years now, Kukkia - a brand producing wooden toys - has been operating in Osaka. And although there is no shotage of such barnds on the market, the idea behind Kukkia is unique. kukkia-gg_tsumiki_09 kukkia-gg_tsumiki_02 kukkia-gg_tsumiki_01 The brand was created by Kaz Shiomi, who after years of studies in the U.S. returned to Japan to work in a company producing wooden toys. Her grandfather was a carpenter and a dream of Kaz, who had been playing with handmade toys, was to be able to bestow upon other kids items that smell of wood. She soon realized that it was her professional vocation. Just like other manufacturers, Kukkia wants to produce toys engaging imagination and creativity, but here the effect is a little different. And it is so because they managed to combine inspiration by Scandinavian crafts, severe Nordic forms with something typically Japanese: sweet, joyful colors and richness of detail. gg_oekakihouse japonki kukkia   kiko_amechan_012-680x510 kiko_amechan_081 The whole production process is based on certified wood and excellent quality as well as ethical production in Asian carpentry workshops. Other brands of similar philosophy cooperate with Kukkia, including for example our favorite Muji. Until now toys have been created as parts of two collections: gg* and kiko+. The former offers colorful, beautifully designed toys, the latter focuses on a combination of vibrant colors with a matt, rough finish. As a result, in Kukkia's product range one can find similar but a little different items as those offered by other companies working with wood: sets of beads for DIY stringing, drawing boards or a ravishing set to learn eating with chopsticks. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="12923,12924,12925"] Here, even a simple Memory is different, because it is a bag full of stars. The Kukkia's product range does not lack also jewelery trinkets or toys previously not present here in Poland: as lottery vending machine. kukkia-kiko_gatchagatcha_01-680x510 kukkia-ladnebebepl-gg_step-to-the-world-01-680x495 We love the food series consisting of creative pancake and tasty set of a hamburger and fries. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="12934,12935,12936"] kiko_hamburgerset_001-680x520 Cult wooden cars with a friction motor were available for a moment in Poland thanks to COS stores. kiko_kuruma_colour_01-680x510 kiko_kuruma_mono_06 We are waiting for Kukkia's Polish distributor. This is cool, cheerful design for kids: smart, but not trivial toys that can intrigue and encourage children to invent new applications for them. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="12922,12921,12920"] You can read about how Luna plays with her gatchagatcha lottery vending machine on her mother's blog. Luna_Kiko_6      
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  • Such Great Heights

    Grilled meat, fish and vegetables (or beloved "barbie") is being prepared here throughout the year. Gardens and beaches are not seasonal attractions, but are available all the time. Blog_4 It is no wonder that young parents believe modern plastic toys are ludicrous. How do thye relate to their active lifestyle? Ryan and Jo had this observation when their daughters were born. They were looking for multi-dimensional objects, but there were only monofunctional toys available. The only interesting activity they offered boiled down to changing batteries. Rather than inspire creativity, plastic toys dictate the way in which you can use them. Before the birth of girls, Ryan and Jo had been involved in photography, film making and design: they had been designing furniture and artwork. The search for cool toys and decorative items for children was the beginning of finding a new vocation: to create for children, drawing from their own feelings and desires. They opened Such Great Heights when they realized that they constantly invent toys, furniture and clothes for daughters. And so, in 2012, production of tents, capes, and other items that come beautifully into our homes, transform them and bringing the spirit of adventure started.


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    Such Great Heights toys encourage the involvement of fantasy, the devising of your own adventures even on a carpet. The first collection is inspired by scouting: scout badges, sleeping in a tent in the woods. You can feel the spirit of the old play at Winnetou, the atmosphere of Australian huge spaces.

    They will do a lot of cool confusion in our pastel bedrooms. Their flagship product is an ultra-simple tent on a wooden rack. Replacement flysheets allow you to match a tent to a decor or a mood and the frame can be used as a clothes hanger. The sight of bed rolls set our hearts racing. We want to have them for ourselves also. They have a holiday atmosphere, so we would lay them down not only in the children's playing/reading nook, but also on the balcony.



    Clothes, strictly speaking capes, look cool - to wear instead of a sweatshirt and for dressing up at home. The absolute highlight are badges resembling scout's merit badges.

    Such Great Heights have announced a new collection, wich is being created together with befriended artists. It promises to be interesting, so we are waiting! [gallery type="rectangular" ids="11100,11096,11095,11102,11097,11098,11099,11101,11103"]

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